Meet Robert Menkemeller, R.N.C., C.P.T.

Registered Nutritional Consultant &

Certified Personal Trainer

Robert Menkemeller, R.N.C.

Robert’s quest for personal fitness started in 1984 while living on the Islands in the Seychelles. Living on the beach forces you to have a consciousness to look and feel good. He then moved to Thule Air Base in Greenland and after getting into body building for a year with the Danish men on the base, he stopped to answer the question, what is my real goal for my health? He didn’t want to be Governor of California and compete for Mr. Universe, so he decided to focus on nutrition and fitness and started his personal health studies from a passion for self-improvement in 1989 just to be healthy and not suffer in life. This is his goal into the rest of his life, to stay in as good of health as possible and not suffer. Hence, Optimum Health is Your Greatest Wealth is his mantra. If you lose your health, you’ll expense your wealth trying to get it back. I hope to inspire you to have the same goal and to act upon achieving this noble and worthwhile vision.

He Graduated From Nutrition School in Feb. 1992. 

Robert was Inspired by his first Mentor, Dr. Kenneth Johnson, a triple Ph.D. in Sport Medicine, Sports Nutrition and Oriental Medicine. He started his studies in 1991 and graduated in 1992.  His passion for learning never stopped and he has dedicated his life to pursuing optimum health expertise. 
In 1996, he met his second Mentor, Raymond Francis. Raymond was a chemist and taught me all about supplement chemistry, which was not taught at my school, nor do they hardly teach it at any nutrition school.  There are so many poorly made supplements on the market today so caveat emptor!  I can help you avoid costly mistakes in this regard.  The biggest challenge is bio-availability.  Courses to follow.

Retired from Personal Training but learned valuable lessons in Exercise Physiology. It’s Important to understand the difference between Catabolic and Anabolic activities.

In 1994 he graduated from Hayward State with a Personal Training Certification and worked at 24 Hour Fitness for two years before moving on to other endeavors. He’s continued to study physical fitness in various modalities with a goal of Bi-lateral function, the way the body functions at it’s best.  This came out of having chronic hip pain for 7 years in 2000.  Pain is a signal that something is wrong, not a sign to take drugs and dull the pain.  He has been hip pain free since 2007. He can give you some insights into a pain free life as well if that’s of interest to you?

Use Your Mind, Your Muscles and your Mouth to be the Best You can!

Health is not about being perfect.  I heard a saying in my Church that says, “you are perfect just the way you are, and just the way you are not.”  This resonates with me, we are all human and can strive for our highest ideals but know, it’s not about perfection, it’s about choosing once again!  Life is full of choices and it’s never too late to choose health!  Your mind is as important as what you eat, drink and do, if not the most important.  I’ve studied the mind with NLP and other modalities and use positive thinking and more to maintain my sanity as well as my health. I will be a positive coach for you on your journey.

Let’s Get You Choosing Your Highest Health NOW!  Let Me Be Your Guide, While You Choose To Take Action And Thrive!

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